About us

Quality, precision, durability

We produce innovative ceramic inserts for pasta dies, which thanks to their durability will significantly reduce the operating costs of pasta producers.

The quality of our products is guaranteed by very high precision (up to 5 μm) and very high abrasion resistance due to the use of the highest hardness ceramics (~ 81 in the HRC scale).

Thanks to its resistance to chemical agents, ceramics are suitable for contact with food products. Because we care about quality and precision, we manufacture products of the highest purity of zirconium from Japan. It’s the same one used for the production of, among others, medical implants.


We also offer ceramic inserts finished with a Teflon® element for customers producing pasta with a smooth structure.


Thanks to bronze elements, we are able to adapt our inserts to all matrices available on the market.


inserts for pasta dies and aluminum trays for drying

When creating our products, from the design stage to its final execution, we always have the main goal – to make a product that will be better and stronger than the competition’s products available on the market and will bring real benefits to our customers. In our inserts, the most exposed to wear elements are made of ceramics, which, just like bronze, gives a roughened structure desirable for connoisseurs of pasta, and it is several times more resistant to abrasion.

Our pasta drying trays are precisely made of anodized aluminum profiles and are characterized by high durability and stability while maintaining low weight. For several years, they have successfully replaced the well-worn wooden trays.

Ceramic inserts

Thanks to our ceramic inserts for pasta dies you will gain real savings in time and money related to the exchange of used elements.

Aluminum drying trays

Precisely selected profiles, along with specially designed and made corners allow for high stability and durability of the screen